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2014 Buck Candy Giant from Kansas

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From Russell Brackeen: Buck Candy draws in another Texas Stud. I have been using your product for 2 years thanks to the folks at Brazil feed in Waco for telling me about it. The deer in Hamilton Texas love it.

Directions for using
 Buck Candy

Buck Candy is designed to pour over corn, grains, and protein pellets in gravity or spin deer feeders.

However, field studies have shown that Buck Candy is an incredible stand alone deer attractant when poured on the ground, stumps, and logs or around the base of trees.

It also works great when sprinkled on leafy plants and bushes, the bark of trees, heavy grass, etc. The deer love it!

NOTE: Use one (1) cup of Buck Candy per 300 lbs. of corn or protein, when using in a spin or free choice deer feeder.


The Story about Buck Candy!

Buck Candy has a secret blend of Apple and Strawberry extract that is unique by design; as are the results! Extensive research has gone into building a product that is second to none. The unique blend attracts deer, hogs, bear and all types of exotics, when applied to grains, or any plant and green vegetation that animals forage on. That is what makes Buck Candy deer attractant so effective. We have used this product for over 10 years in Texas and Mexico with unbelievable results. There is no other product that even comes close.